Did you know that every time you install new kitchen cabinets, Re-finish exsisting ones and or purchase new furnitures you must either spend more time outdoors, or use good ventilation systems for at least 30 days.
A month will allow for these finishes to cure and proect your health from Volatile organic compounds(VOC).
All of our topcoats are at approved level of 275 VOC, for you and your family safety.
For more information on our Water Bourne Post-Catalyzed Finishes, Simply Click 
(Information Courtesy Of: M.L Campbell Co. TM) 
Kitchen Cabinet Finishing is our Passion, But you and our environment come first.
For more information on some of our GreenGaurd indoor Air quality certified products, please
visit: www.greenguard.org (specify ML Campbell products)
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From Bonnie Nasont, 
San Jose, CA:

To All Perfect Finish, 

I had purchased a furniture quality bathroom cabinet that I loved when I saw it online.  Unfortunately when it arrived, the color wasn't at all what I was expecting.  After spending a good amount of time trying to find something else that would work, I decided to find someone to paint/refinish the cabinet.  I didn't want to add too much to the overall cost of the cabinet so I wasn't really sure this was going to work out.  Thankfully I found All Perfect Finish!  I emailed them with a picture of my cabinet for an estimate to have it painted.  The price was within my budget and very reasonable.  I had a hard time deciding what color to paint it but the finishing technician was so helpful and patient with me.  He really gave me great advice and calmed my nerves throughout the process.  He has such great vision that he even convinced me to add a glaze to the finish that I hadn't planned on.  As it turns out that is exactly what made the cabinet so perfect and special!!  I can't give enough praise and thanks for the exceptional results on my cabinet.  Their work is truly amazing!!  I would highly recommend All Perfect Finish to anyone needing that "perfect finish" for their project.

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Above: All Perfect Finish, Tookcare of a mistake that was caused by a company that used to occupy our facility prior to 2009, they lost a couple of doors belonging to this client, we proudly assisted them at no cost to them.